About the McGann Family Foundation

The McGann Family Foundation is a result of years of our personal reflection, and that of our immediate family, augmented by ongoing discussions with close family friends.

We have always recognized our good fortune in having been given the opportunity to earn for ourselves a life with more than sufficient food, clothing, shelter and other material things to meet our daily needs. And to be able to earn that material wealth through a career that has encouraged our creative expression and fueled our personal passion has been an invaluable added blessing.

We have always looked forward to the time we might have an opportunity to refocus those same creative energies toward giving something of value back to our communities. Though by no means wealthy relative to other professionals in the greater San Francisco Bay area, our moderate material success has provided us with sufficient means to believe that the time to identify such an opportunity may have arrived.

Our challenge since 1998 has been to develop a practical mechanism by which we can begin to make the transition: to rededicate our creativity and personal passion and apply what limited material resources are at our disposal towards projects focused on the betterment of the human and natural community.

Through the respected efforts of our financial advisor, Mr. Tom Brehmer, and the valued counsel of our legal affiliate, Ms. Jennifer Cuneen, and the work of our directors, to all of whom we are most indebted, the result has been the formation of this Foundation.

- Brian and Roberta McGann

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